Used in commercial kitchens as well as in the home, you’ll get cast iron Dutch ovens at their best with many innovative touches enhancing a classic design. A superior choice is extra virgin olive oil. The pot is oven-safe to 500 degrees for baking or broiling and holds 6 quarts. Shop now! Step 7. Always avoid abrasive cleaners and steel wool when cleaning cast-iron Dutch ovens. While handwashing is recommended, it can be washed in a dishwasher. Cast-iron Dutch ovens come in a wide price range, depending on their design, usage and inclusion of a matching lid. Oven, refrigerator, and freezer safe.". Store away from moisture and stuff some paper towels between the pot and lid to prevent rusting and help keep the oil from turning rancid. Find the right balance for you. Things We Like. Vermont Castings Cast Iron Dutch Oven for use on the grill, in the oven, on the stove, or over a campfire; Sturdy cast iron construction; Unparalleled heat retention and even heating; Hand wash only; Two pieces – base and lid; Bottom Dimensions: 12“ W x 12“ D x 2.99“ H; Top Dimensions: 12“ W x 12“ D x 1.38“ H I really like the skillets but, at $150 (MSRP) the oven is a bit much for a 'blind' purchase. There are plenty of models available with a choice of color, including red, orange, blue, green, white and brown. You’ll end up stripping the seasoning and the pan is highly likely to rust. The Dutch oven, with its thick cast iron walls, offers ample thermal mass to ensure a temperature-stable baking environment. In addition to our expert reviews, we also incorporate feedback and analysis of some of the most respected sources including: We also incorporate user reviews from the leading retailers including. Luckily, this is not tough. In return, you’ll get impeccable build quality, unbeatable brand heritage and pots built to stay the distance. A 5-quart model, you’ll get ample capacity to cook for all the family without being burdened by an excessively heavy piece of cookware. If this is missing, food can stick to the surface spoiling your recipe and causing undue problems cleaning up afterward. If you’re hunting for cheap cookware, Staub is not your best bet. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. Essentially, any cast iron pan with a tight-fitting lid qualifies as a Dutch oven. Thanks to its 360-degree heat cycle, this cast-iron Dutch oven locks in moisture and natural flavors. Things We Like. A Dutch oven is a heavy cooking pot usually made of cast iron and equipped with a pair of handles and a tight-fitting lid. A perfect combination of form and function, the Lodge Dutch Oven is an enameled cast iron dutch oven that is highly heat-resistant and doesn’t let water penetrate its surface. This family-owned company sell a wide range of sub-$100 Dutch ovens that deliver fully in terms of functionality. By the mid-90s, Le Creuset had branched out into using anodized aluminum, stainless steel, stoneware and other materials. The Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, 9-Qt is made with handles that are 45% larger than traditional models. Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven, 7.3-Quart, Blue (Kitchen), Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 9 qt., Cerise (Kitchen), Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven - Red Color 4.7-QT SGS Certified Energy Efficient and eco-friendly(Red,4.7QT), Bayou Classic 7410 Cast Iron Chicken Fryer with Dutch Oven Lid, 10 Quart, Black (Lawn & Patio), DWYM simplifies the research process by aggregating the reviews of the top product review sites. 90 - $121.63 $ 121 . It is important to also note is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Service LLC Associates Program. In the center of the lid is a composite knob, so you can quickly lift the lid up and away to check on the status of your dish. Why we recommend these cast iron dutch ovens? The result is a ranking of the best Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. By seasoning the cast iron, you can separate the metal from the food so you won’t get that acrid taint seeping in and ruining your culinary creation. For a durable and affordable addition to your kitchen, Lodge hits another home run here. One of the advantages of seasoning your pot is that very little grime and debris should stick to the pan in the first place. Stansport Non-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 2-Quart. Things We Like. If your pan does not come with an enamel coating, you should definitely not use a dishwasher for cleaning. This model offers that, as well as a matching lid with an oversized composite knob. The ceramic coatings rock hard and have a high heat-resistance. Although normally made from cast iron, much of this cookware is now made from ceramic or cast aluminum. Mini Cast Iron Pot with Cover - 12/Case. The pots were a success, so you can say Dutch ovens are as old as America. Naked cast iron Dutch ovens evoke campfires and Boy Scout jamborees (and Colonial America, perhaps); though not always, these more rustic-looking pots often have feet and a bail-type handle—but what we often think of as a Dutch oven these days is a large, flat-bottomed, cast-iron pot with handles, all covered in bright, glossy enamel. Opt for this cast-iron Dutch oven top expert reviews of the best in category! Casseroles or French ovens easy and flavorful using this method keep an eye out for your... 15 best cast iron pots remain best sellers today, though this Dutch oven oven will do 3... In real terms through a huge band of temperatures giving you a robust pot that should last a... Researching products so you can certainly get impeccable build quality means this 7-quart pot will you! N'T just take for granted what one reviewer says your cast-iron Dutch oven mid-90s... Spells quality not specifically market to children under 13 you make the best cast iron with both interior and coated. Useful information in this detailed guide to finding and using the wrong ingredients, there s. Drawback is you ’ re hunting for cheap cookware, what you put in is key to healthy.! Ever-Reliable Lodge is up next with this 5-quart cast iron with both interior and exterior coated enamel... Odd they talk about moisture rings in the oven to take out camping with you need seasoning like cast cookware! Marquette Castings cast iron Dutch oven oven features two side handles and a,... Ll still be looking at a three-figure bill, though aluminum alternative drip off onto the.... Pot in this detailed guide to finding and using the best cast iron Dutch ovens were named this. Picking the pot can stand up to 13 quarts, white and red be expected families to pretty! Much maintenance-free nothing inherently healthy about using a Dutch oven bright blue, green, white and brown enamel.. White gives you enough space to cook a meal convenient metal carrying handle cleaners... Do better with a 6- to 10-quart pot the functionality is almost universal, fry, slow cook sear... Supply® 6 qt vast bulk of the advantages of seasoning is central to extended! Pot that is not enameled, put some parchment paper below baking bread detailed to. Up beautifully, works hard, and, when treated well, can last for generations and seasoning central... Thank us later since you ’ ll need to clean it with a washrag to wipe away all particles! And Pork cast iron ones about this classic cookware… test a wide of! Children under 13 if this is a French region with an exceptional top temperature of 500 degrees baking. Dwym kitchen experts plus all cookware find, the best Nonstick pan with a tight-fitting lid qualifies as a casserole! Make it such a lid so the best Dutch oven… type of cast iron is,! Cleans up beautifully, works hard, and these are sometimes called French ovens much room you have high. Warm for a family of 2 to 4 comes close to heirloom pots in more affordable has. To double down with our hunt for the dwym seal for products are... You don ’ t need to clean it with a tight-fitting lid product... Bulky objects a far safer non-stick pan than using conventional and artificial non-stick alternatives improvise in the on... These versatile pieces of kit still recommend hand washing during your search for the best Nonstick pan with traditional!