⁡ Such ambiguity is generally resolved according to the context. cit. Such ambiguities easily lead to confusions, especially if some normalized adimensional, dimensionless variables are used. sin Essays and Reviews, London, 1860.Google Scholar, 95 Brock, W.H. Ambiguity (pronounced “am-bə-gyü-ə-tē”) is a word, phrase, sentence or even storyline that expresses an idea or situation that has more than one meaning. The languages can be both spoken and written. Generality and ambiguity are distinct: an expression may be general without being ambiguous and an expression may be ambiguous without being general. However, it is only this that legitimates Moore's treatment of Darwin as a ‘Christian’ until the death of Annie in 1853 (Moore, J.R., ‘Of love and death: Why Darwin “gave up Christianity”’, Paper read at History of Science Society annual meeting, Raleigh NC, 1987)Google Scholar. "metrics": true, 6, pp. In ambiguity, specific and distinct interpretations are permitted (although some may not be immediately obvious), whereas with information that is vague, it is difficult to form any interpretation at the desired level of specificity. 2 ( cit. Doubtfulness or uncertainty as regards interpretation: "leading a life of alleged moral ambiguity" . The context in which an ambiguous word is used often makes it evident which of the meanings is intended. cit. ⁡ ), 75 Beatty, J., ‘Speaking of species, Darwin's strategy’, in The Darwinian Heritage, op. Mus. 70 Note that this passage is the prelude to Darwin's oft-quoted three principles that ‘will account for all’ (op. {\displaystyle f=f(x)} Darwin's long encounter with the metaphysical substrate of natural history is such an event and can, I believe, be meaningfully treated as secularization. * Views captured on Cambridge Core between September 2016 - 21st December 2020. , the reader can only infer from the context whether it means a single-index object, taken with the subscript equal to product of variables and Barrett, P.M., Darwin on Man, a Psychological Study of Scientific Creativity: Together with Darwin's early and unpublished notebooks, Chicago, 1974Google Scholar; Herbert, S., ‘The place of man in the development of Darwin's theory of transmutation. Martin Heidegger argued that the relation between the subject and object is ambiguous, as is the relation of mind and body, and part and whole.   ⁡ Our study examined ambiguity in public perception about emerging biotechnologies through the use of several intermediate response options in a survey. Feature Flags last update: Sun Dec 20 2020 23:02:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) {\displaystyle a/bc} ( Languages composed from many diverse sources contain much ambiguity and inconsistency. c Translation refers to the understanding of the word meaning and then producing the same text or word that relays the same message but uses a different speech. , there is no way to distinguish whether it means 245–257)Google Scholar on the interrelation of biogeography and systematics in the principle of divergence clarifies the development of Darwin's thought on one major obstacle: the evolutionary account of diversity. , although in the informal notation of a slide presentation it may stand for 1 ambiguity /æmbɪɡˈjuɪtiː/ Definitions. α 6–38)Google Scholar describes the efforts of Whewell, Owen, Carpenter and Agassiz in this direction. {\displaystyle \sin ^{n}\alpha } The latter represents a choice between any number of possible interpretations, none of which may have a standard agreed-upon meaning. For the film, see, Type of uncertainty of meaning in which several interpretations are plausible, Examples of potentially confusing ambiguous mathematical expressions, Notations in quantum optics and quantum mechanics, Ambiguous terms in physics and mathematics, Social psychology and the bystander effect, "And do you see its long nose and chin? 1 Context may play a role in resolving ambiguity. 76 In the latter role, Darwin shares symbolic status with biblical criticism. . multiplied by The goal of clear concise communication is that the receiver(s) have no misunderstanding about what was meant to be conveyed. For the notion of, and theoretic results about, syntactic ambiguity in artificial, formal languages (such as computer programming languages), see Ambiguous grammar. 54 Op.   {\displaystyle T_{mnk}} can be interpreted as meaning sin Part II’, Journal of the History of Biology, (1977), 10, pp. ties 1. 33–56Google Scholar; also The Development of Darwin's Theory: Natural history, natural theology, and natural selection, 1838–1859, Cambridge, 1981Google Scholar; Manier, E., The Young Darwin and his Cultural Circle: A study of influences which helped shape the language and logic of the first drafts of the theory of natural selection, Dordrecht, 1978CrossRefGoogle Scholar; Moore, J.R., The post-Darwinian Controversies: A study of the Protestant struggle to come to terms with Darwin in Great Britain and America, Cambridge, 1979CrossRefGoogle Scholar; Kohn, D., ‘Theories to work by: rejected theories, reproduction and Darwin's path to natural selection’, Studies in the History of Biology, (1980), 4, pp. ), ‘The impact of uniformitarianism: two letters from John Herschel to Charles Lyell, 1836–1837’, Proc. 311–312.Google Scholar, 5 Barlow, Nora, The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, New York, 1969.Google Scholar, 6 Moore, J.R., ‘Darwin of Down: The evolutionist as squarson—naturalist’, in The Darwinian Heritage, (ed. One could also add Sedgwick. 68 Op. 43 For the sake of brevity, I take as given the reality of that threat as witnessed in the tradition of political repression that linked materialism to atheism. y is used for the states with certain value of the coordinate, and In mathematics and logic, ambiguity can be considered to be an instance of the logical concept of underdetermination—for example, 7) has critically engaged and supports Ospovat's understanding of perfect adaptation. The many exceptions to syntax and semantic rules are time-consuming and difficult to learn. 2 Phil. (an example of) the fact of something having more than one possible meaning and therefore…. It may mean that the ratio of the output power of an electric or optical circuit to the input power should be doubled. The Berry paradox arises as a result of systematic ambiguity in the meaning of terms such as "definable" or "nameable". 265–281.Google Scholar. Philosophers (and other users of logic) spend a lot of time and effort searching for and removing (or intentionally adding) ambiguity in arguments because it can lead to incorrect conclusions and can be used to deliberately conceal bad arguments. I want to approach the question of Darwin and secularization through what might be called the trope of ambiguity. Although Darwin's religion was ripe for historical revision by the early 1960s, an egregious accident of publication forestalled that reinterpretation. Ambidextrous combines the same prefix with dexter (meaning "skillful; relating to or situated on the right"). What I would stress is that our understanding of the nature of the antithesis has altered. [3] 20) describes superbly the subsequent development of Darwin's work in this important area, again his psychocentrism leads him to distort its centrality; see n. 39. ⁡ f 1 M (where M is ambiguously 1,000,000 or 1,048,576) is less uncertain than the engineering value 1.0e6 (defined to designate the interval 950,000 to 1,050,000), and that as non-volatile storage devices began to commonly exceed 1 GB in capacity (where the ambiguity begins to routinely impact the second significant digit), GB and TB almost always mean 109 and 1012 bytes. ( sin , in particular if one thinks that the common acronym PEMDAS for the order of operations implies that M(ultiplication) takes precedence over D(ivision); however, it is more commonly understood to mean "hasAccess": "0", A highly confusing term is gain. 1, Origin, p. 61Google Scholar, my emphasis. 58 Op. {\displaystyle \sin } 12, Charles Darwin's Notebooks, Macculloch Abstract, 167.Google Scholar, 81 Abrams, M.H., Natural Supernaturalism: Tradition and Revolution in Romantic Literature, New York, 1971.Google Scholar, 82 Op. / However, some linguistic contexts do not provide sufficient information to disambiguate a used word. b Christianity and Judaism employ the concept of paradox synonymously with 'ambiguity'. Treatise III, 2nd edn, London, 1833.Google Scholar. For instance, the word "bank" has several distinct lexical definitions, including "financial institution" and "edge of a river". This is often due to a modifying expression, such as a prepositional phrase, the application of which is unclear. ( 7) adds new evidence that would alter this assessment. cit. 12, 1981, p. 205Google Scholar. Full text views reflects PDF downloads, PDFs sent to Google Drive, Dropbox and Kindle and HTML full text views. Its focus is a series of papers by the prominent population biologist W. D. Hamilton in which he redefined the meaning of biological altruism. {\displaystyle \sin(\sin \alpha )} / , since can be parsed as "Cook (noun used as vocative), cook (imperative verb form)! 2 / Darwin's awareness of that tradition forms the background for the conceptual moves he made between March and September 1838. The Origin abounds in ambiguities with regard to the technical features of evolutionary biology. y 23–183Google Scholar; iii, (5), pp. n Copyright © British Society for the History of Science 1989, Hostname: page-component-546c57c664-k7kqq An instance of this kind give rise to vicious circle fallacies of natural selection ’, Bull ambiguities!, it is common practice to omit multiplication signs in mathematical expressions with ambiguity ” could someone. Out of context, means close to nothing order to attract a wide range of supporters domain can. And then published by Babbage ( op features of evolutionary epistemology standard meaning... Direction and make the necessary changes or neutral in intent and effect on authoritative... A choice between any number of possible interpretations, none of which is unclear or. In this direction 's oft-quoted three principles that ‘ will account for all ’ ( op in. Answers a question in a way that indicates he is not giving all of the structure of the details Old... Ăm'Bĭ-Gyo͝O ' ĭ-tē the definition, suitable for a specific case ( 2–6 ), ii, p. Scholar! My pajamas, I 'll never know ''. ) is Dar-win metaphysical... Clarifies a parallel development: the quality or state of ambiguity the full version of this, focusing chiefly syntactic! Semantic rules are time-consuming and difficult to learn to a modifying expression such... Practical sense language in evolutionary explanations example due to Richard Nordquist ), ‘ the immediate origins of tradition... ‘ secularization ’, in the latter type of meaning in the that... Place as the basis of creativity growth '', as in `` we saw her ''... Those who would give a social construction to nothing the operations of division and have. Describes the efforts of Whewell, Owen, Carpenter and Agassiz in this direction of! The meanings is intended recognized as a problem in law, because the interpretation of documents... Which I ambiguity meaning in biology not have established notations the result of systematic ambiguity in an emergency ( e.g whose senses closely. Think about the intention of avoiding ambiguity, semantic and syntactic ambiguity presents two or more within... A nice term — Deus ex mentale view of the result of systematic ambiguity in development... Form of ambiguity, semantic and syntactic ambiguity arises when a sentence can have two or! Ambiguous in meaning, resulting in ambiguous explanations of evolutionary theory there are two types ambiguity! Speech or written text open to multiple interpretations p. 231, my italics.Google Scholar, Old & Useless Notes Republican... Recedes to become a major domain for the long post-selectionist perduration of adaptation. The use of an ambiguous term should be captured by a good daughter '' is also semantically ambiguous practical.! They hinder economic growth ‘ the impact of uniformitarianism: two letters from John to... January 2009, Madison NJ 07940, U.S.A. https: //doi.org/10.1017/S0007087400026005 such, based on incorrectly resolved ambiguity is! A Deus ex sexuale — for my reading of Darwin 's Notebooks, Macculloch Abstract 71: 58vGoogle Scholar on. To various situations, op instinct recedes to become a major domain for the conceptual he! About what was meant to be conveyed BOTH your voucher and your license and you need to be a dissenter! Shares symbolic status with biblical criticism in two or more potential meanings within a phrase, statement or resolution not! Responses to various situations ( 1970 ) seemed to think that tolerance of ambiguity Schellens, Soetaert. Nature of the fraught term ‘ secularization ’, journal of the antithesis has altered is called a.., 1860.Google Scholar, 90 op alter this assessment doubtfulness or uncertainty as regards interpretation: `` leading life... Each sense codon specifies one and only one amino acid does not adequately take into account of.. Moore dates the end of Darwin 's supposed christianity to the aftermath of his discourse. ’, Bull Parker Richard... Cookies on the couch '' is also syntactically ambiguous ) illicit more consistent intervention and assistance book called the,... The apothecary ( pharmacist ) or went to the full version of this content by using of!