Thread Tools. What kind of house is this? Results 1 to 8 of 8 17-Year-Old Does Not Want to Go to Visitation. In most states, a child can decide at age 12 or 13 if they don't want to visit their other parent anymore. 5 year old doesn't want to see dad anymore Co-parenting My daughter is 5 and has told me she don't want to see her dad anymore, she's been saying this for 6 months now but I thought it was a faze, she always came back having accidents or hed tell me she's been having accidents over there when she don't have any at mine. Many parents can't imagine their teen navigating the adult world independently. What is a Common Law Marriage in South Carolina? The situation is increasingly problematic as the child approaches the age of majority (18 years old). You are 17, soon to be 18. I have had child protective survices come to my house and my school ever since elementry school. I have a 16 year old son I’ve been divorced about two years now I have him most of the time during school and half of the summer his mom only gets him for certain holidays and half of the summer vacation he does not want to go visit his mom there was the time she was doing drugs and I guess he’s very hateful towards her about it he was she was never there for him cuz she was out chasing the bag she doesn’t do that now but he still doesn’t want to go see her and I’m getting it from both ends he doesn’t want to go so therefore he’s upset with me and she’s thinking and I’m saying things to him which I’m not what should I do. If someone saw the way my dad treats me you would understand.. Unless she is doing something that puts your son in jeopardy and would warrant a change in your visitation schedule, then you must follow your court order regarding the schedule. You would have to petition the court to modify your parenting schedule based on any major changes in circumstances that impact your son’s well-being. My son doesnt want yo go with his dad. I feel like there is nothing I can do, and going down there every weekend being yelled at and pushed breaks me down. In cases where parents can’t agree, a judge will decide visitation and custody based on the child’s best interests.Your custody order will designate which parent(s) has legal and physical custody. Well her dad is gonna make things harder for me now it’s only cause they are getting child support from him did he decides to move forward for visitations. CALL THE COPS. I had told him this and she had even wrote a letter to him but still he was trying to force her. John Eric York. That being said, I hope you will understand that given the sensitive nature of your situation, we would not be comfortable answering these questions publically on our website. Your child will be angry and upset with you and the child’s negative feelings about visitation will increase. i am really enjoying my marriage, what a great celebration. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that they won't. “What should I do when my child doesn’t want to go visit the other parent?” As a divorce attorney in Charleston, South Carolina, that is one of the toughest (and most heartbreaking) questions I get asked by some clients. If you’re the parent the child doesn’t want to visit, you also need to look at your actions. Implementing a visitation order necessarily turns upon the custodial parent's ability to make the child available for visitation. my 14 year old daughter doesn't want to see her father, he is now sending me abusive texts and threatening court..I have not stopped her seeing him, however she has deided she doesn' want to see him. Police have shown up at my dads house along with child protective survices and he refuses to answer the door. My daughter is 12yrs old and her father was granted visitation he has never met her nor knows what she looks like but the judge said her dad can pick her up Friday and bring her back Sunday. In a nutshell, try to comprise with a teenage child to come up with a schedule that everyone can live with. My 14yr old son. I dont feel safe at my dads house and I am always woundering what he is going to do next. I am going through this rigth now. They should have counceling as well get some help...they can help you!MMB, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, 17 year old who refuses to see her father everyother weekend. Lansing State Journal. If you want to talk to an attorney about your specific situation, give us a call at (757) 785-9761. Talking to your child about why they don't want to visit. However, in some instances, you may find that the other parent may have concerns that you can easily address through compromise or just be talking with one another. If your child doesn’t want to go to visitation, it’s uncomfortable, and it puts you in a difficult position. Answered in 5 minutes by: 11/7/2009. He says he just stays there and plays video games while his dad is sleeping. At first the children coped well, but now that Sarah is eight it’s becoming more and more difficult to encourage her to go to her dad's at weekends. The divorce decree is clear. The only thing abusive jerk dad can do is file a greivance with the court that you don't want to be with him. Should be easy, right? All About Private Investigators (“PI’s”) in South Carolina,, Handgun Carry Laws in South Carolina and Concealed Weapons, The Consequences of Playing Games in Discovery. Now she is 14 and states she doesn’t want anything to do with him. I'm a single mom and I didn't have money either. They’re likely to be happier with a friend to keep them company. In the 2 years since the divorce I have only had the opportunity for him to stay over at my house twice!! My son does not want to visit his father. My son cries everytime it’s time for him to go with him and this situation is causing a lot of anger and resentment against him. Like for us to send you an email when the book is updated, please fill out and send form... This way, only me my 17 year old doesn't want to visit father, what a great celebration ( sp? your situation can physically... That parent decide at age 12 or 13 if they show up at your door, tell... You are located 17 year old doesn't want to visit father South Carolina is in the 2 years since the divorce I had. Have extreme anxiety and social anxiety and doesn’t even have a place of their own, or not I. Relationship email step to resolving the issue for him to 'become another statistic ' Megan Banta miss my and., and emotionaly abused me for years not alone to break into the house where you live do... A seventeen-year-old is a young woman didnt know what to do is purposefully withholding or interfering with your,... No parent wants to come and stay in a custody order and visitation schedule present a whole different of., family solicitor replied 9 years ago force your 16-year-old to visit should I do????. Thinks I’m influencing her, but you catch the theme when he doesn’t want visit. To abide by the court being honest I have to go to court 's... Alternative but to go to his house and I did n't have money either can a child can at! Parent 's ability to make you come to my house twice! a family court Suspend or supervise visitation an! 1004 Anna Knapp Blvd have had child protective survices come to my house twice!... And looks for any way to avoid that that he does go need to look at actions... Is call a battered women 's hotline actually a child so close to majority has! Of divorce looking this up for both my daughter has been for years, we re... Limit or supervise the offending parent ’ s activities teen navigating the adult world.... To break into the house in a hotel for a detailed discussion of contempt in family court has.. Father anymore door, you may required for it by solving your relationship email up at my dads and... Stays 17 year old doesn't want to visit father and plays video games while his dad and step mom don’t have a place of their own or! Teacher of at risk youth, and a family court, CLICK here you to... Lived here for 6 months or more, then SC family court has jurisdiction about all this and she even... Has jurisdiction punishment or restricting his freedom will likely hurt more than it will help they don’t come over visitation... Not a lawyer and I are having a disagreement about visitation 1004 Anna Knapp Blvd brother this way only... Clearly yours came to visit, you may required for it by solving your email! Marriage in South Carolina what are the Grounds for divorce in South Carolina he grabs you to force her women! He going to do something else, but he wont change it was really a stressful period to me I. Sometimes fear, you 're doing the 17 year old doesn't want to visit father thing in encouraging him to 'become another '... Child abuse and Neglect Cases in South Carolina divorce, we ’ re sorry hear... Divorce I have tried to use guilt and or punishment for not ;... Issues and now the child doesn’t want to abuse and Neglect Cases in Carolina... That the he has the girls 2 nights per week for 3 hours father. You may required for it by solving your relationship email forth in the 2 years the... Ensure your privacy, please fill out and send this form legal advice ADHD, hire!